Live Out Loud Ministries

A fun, energetic speaker for Jesus Christ!


Dr. Harrison has a unique way of teaching that keeps her audience completely engaged and looking forward to whatever is coming next. I have experienced this as she utilizes group discussion and activities that make the information come to life and be put into practice to reinforce the knowledge gained. I hope that I have the opportunity to be involved in her training again in the future.    Julie F. (retreat participant)

Our MOPS and Moms Next group was delighted and inspired by Susan’s presentation. Her authenticity and energy she brings with her is captivating. We all wish she could have spoken longer. Her presentation is light-hearted yet her message packs a Godly punch, a nice fresh combination and attention-getting approach. I highly recommend Susan for a wide variety of events. Leah (participant)

Thank you so much for an awesome message! I had so many ladies tell me how much they loved your talk and wished you would have continued! We also gave a few moms who are struggling in their marriages and they told me how much your talk resonated with them. A few of them want your book when it is done! Thank so much again I loved having you!!!!! Missy L. (hired Susan)

Susan is a fantastic speaker! She is down to earth and funny. I have had her speak for several women’s functions and the women love her. She relates the truths of Scripture in a way that you can really learn them and apply them! Leslie U. (hired Susan)

I loved having someone come besides me who has the same desire to see my children grow in Christ, helping me guide them and give them encouragement to excel and live like Christ in a non-Christian world.    Kristi W. (parent mentor program)

Susan Harrison is an amazing person. She is always encouraging and uplifting and I have learned so much from her over the past 8 years. Her love and kindness for this world is inspiring. I have had the privilege of serving with Susan on many occasions and each time was a blessing from start to finish. Like I said, she’s amazing.  Trina K. (volunteered with Susan)

If you look up “can-do attitude” in the dictionary, Susan’s picture is right there. From the moment she said yes to Jesus, she has followed hard after information and inspiration to bring her closer to him regardless of the obstacles. She is the most high-energy, positive communicator I have ever worked with. Her teaching, writing, and speaking skills are second to none. If you are looking for a spiritual shot in the arm, Dr. Susan has the medicine you need!  Traci M. (first person to teach Susan the Bible, colleague and seminar participant)

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