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Soul Satisfaction

  What satisfies your soul? Let me guess. It’s food, being busy, accomplishment, friends, shopping, or drinking. Well, maybe not. You may find that you need just a bit more. … Continue reading

August 1, 2016 · Leave a comment

Are you good enough?

Remember in the movie Dirty Dancing when “Baby” trained to dance with “Johnny”? Remember how good she looked and then you saw her with “Penny”? Baby was twice the size of Penny! … Continue reading

July 29, 2016

Being Single

I’ve been single for technically about 5 months but I’ve really been single over a year. Now I’m an expert. 🙂 Well, maybe not, but I do know a lot … Continue reading

June 17, 2016

What is Christian Coaching?

Recently I became a certified Life Coach. Life coaches help people achieve their goals by providing accountability and clarity. I’m going to add a twist to it (for those interested) … Continue reading

March 31, 2015

You’re not that bright

Ever thought in the moment that you were doing the right thing only to realize later (sometimes years) that you were wrong? Hindsight is 20/20 they say. Or ever seen … Continue reading

June 26, 2014

When your child is a brat!

Let’s face it, your child may be a brat. And maybe that means he or she is only a brat right now, but a brat the same. Brace yourself…it is … Continue reading

May 31, 2014

Strengthening your child’s faith in summer

  Summer means more free time and less structure. This is fun but can make it tougher to continue what you’ve worked on this past school year with your child … Continue reading

May 27, 2014

Should you make your child conduct devotions?

Let me ask you: Do you make your child brush his teeth? Do you make your child take a shower/bath? Do you make your child go to bed? Do you … Continue reading

April 29, 2014

It’s the life we’ve chosen

This was my recent post on Facebook: “One thing I have to teach my daughter about being a Christian is that she will be labeled hateful and a bigot and … Continue reading

February 2, 2014

Get yourself some heavenly rewards!

Yes, I was once again called “hateful” because of my Christian beliefs. Sure, I don’t hate anyone and I treat people the same regardless of their sin. I’m not any … Continue reading

February 2, 2014

Don’t make Jesus first in your life

I’m sure you’ve heard the campaign, “I am second” or at the very least heard people talk about how Jesus Christ is first in their life. However, I want to … Continue reading

January 25, 2014

What’s your family mission?

Do you have a family mission statement? What? I lost you already? For those of you hanging on, are you completely bored? Did your eyes glaze over? Does the thought … Continue reading

January 24, 2014