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When your child is a brat!


Let’s face it, your child may be a brat. And maybe that means he or she is only a brat right now, but a brat the same. Brace yourself…it is your fault. Oh my gosh! I went there. Yes, it is your fault, just like it’s the fault of all parents when their kids are brats.

And if you think you might have a brat, you do. A brat is hard to define but you know it when you see it!

Don’t be defensive! If you find yourself saying things like, “But, she has this issue” stop right there and take responsibility and then you can fix this. You can have more peace in your home and a child that behaves better but it must start with you.

Now that we’ve established it is your fault (and mine at times, I’m no saint here!), what can you do about it? Complaining won’t fix it (you have tried that one, right?), yelling won’t fix it (yes, tried that one too) and inconsistent punishments won’t fix it either (been there, done that).

So what will fix it? First of all, decide what is acceptable and what is not. Is it acceptable for your child to scream when he does not get his way? Is it acceptable for your child to yell at you? Is it acceptable for your child to walk away while you are talking to her? Let me give you a hint: NO! Make these expectations clear to your child.

Second of all, once you set the boundaries, make the decision to be consistent. If it is unacceptable behavior today, tomorrow it should still not be tolerated.

Third of all is consequences. Ever been a parent who yelled something like “Sarah! I have told you not to do that!” but then did nothing about what Sarah did? I’m guilty! Children are different and some just need you to look at them a certain way to behave but if you have a brat then yours is not that child. You need a consequence and to stick to it. Something she hates. Taking away some kind of device for a certain period of time is usually a good one.

And, a big tip is to pray through all of it. Jesus will see you through this but He is not the kind of God that just let’s you mess your child up and not have any consequence or part in fixing it.

There’s a lot more that could be said here about logical consequences, how your behavior might be triggering his, how to discipline the right way, how to not worry about your child liking you so much, how your child craves discipline and more. However, I hope that if your child is a brat you find something here that can help.


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