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Should you make your child conduct devotions?

Let me ask you: Do you make your child brush his teeth? Do you make your child take a shower/bath? Do you make your child go to bed? Do you make your child eat something healthy? Do you make your child do her homework?

Why do you make your child do those things? Because you know doing them is what is best for her. How much more important is a relationship with Jesus Christ? Preparing your child for her future in this world is wonderful, but eternity lasts forever.

“I want him to have the desire to read the Bible and pray on his own.” That’s great. That is a wonderful prayer to pray for your child. However, if we all only did things when we felt like it, how many things would we do each day? Personally, I may not get out of bed, make my child’s lunch, take her to school, eat heathy ever or clean.

The devotional habit can impact her future here on Earth and eternity. There is no better gift you can give your child than a relationship with Jesus Christ.

So, the answer to the question is “yes.” And, as long as your child is living at home it isn’t too late (and it’s never too early)! So start today and make your child brush his teeth, take a shower, go to bed, eat healthy, do his homework and most importantly, spend time with Jesus Christ.



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