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This was my recent post on Facebook:
“One thing I have to teach my daughter about being a Christian is that she will be labeled hateful and a bigot and called other names if she disagrees with certain people. Many will not tolerate her right to believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ. She can be nice to people and loving, but will still be told that she does not have the right to even think a certain way. But, I will tell her to take heart: the people who truly know her will never see her as hateful and her God will never leave her nor forsake her.”
A wise friend encouraged me to go further with this and I decided to write this blog because he was so right! I want to share these things I have and will continue to talk to my daughter about concerning this awesome Christian life.
1. Stress to her that all people have the right to believe what they want and it is good (and important) to listen to the views of others that are different from ours.
2. Tell her to share that the views are not her own, but from the Bible, she’s not simply making these up.
3. Tell her that yes, God will never leave her but that does not mean that He will keep her from hard times and even tragedy. Remind her that God loves her no matter what she experiences. He will help her through anything but with life, comes good and bad.
4. I want to teach her to love people no matter how they live or what they believe. LOVE is the key. 
5. And the biggest thing I want to teach her is that despite the challenges, there is no better life than a life with Jesus Christ.


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