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Get yourself some heavenly rewards!

Yes, I was once again called “hateful” because of my Christian beliefs. Sure, I don’t hate anyone and I treat people the same regardless of their sin. I’m not any better than anyone because I’ve sinned A LOT. I do not look down on others who believe differently than me. They have the right to not believe the Bible just as I have the right to believe the Bible. Accepting Jesus doesn’t make me a better person, just a forgiven one.

But don’t feel sorry for me! Every time someone has made fun of me or called me names or said bad things about me because I stand for Jesus Christ I get rewarded (Luke 6:22-23). Sometimes it takes a minute to get the sting out, but in the end I get excited because I just earned some more rewards! So bring it on haters. LOL

Do you want to earn some rewards? There is nothing wrong working towards those rewards, in fact God encourages it. (Matt 6:20) One way I know is to be open about your faith and what you believe. Not that you have to push it into everyone’s face. Ask my non-believing friends. Sure, they know where I stand because I told them, but I’m not constantly chanting in their ear to accept Jesus. (I am praying though and looking for opportunities and I have shared with them.)
If you are a believer and no one has ever made fun of you or talked badly about you because of Jesus Christ, you need to put yourself out there. The sting is temporary here but you’ll be super excited in Heaven collecting your rewards!


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