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Don’t make Jesus first in your life

I’m sure you’ve heard the campaign, “I am second” or at the very least heard people talk about how Jesus Christ is first in their life. However, I want to challenge that thinking. If you have ever read any of my blogs or know me personally (from age 32 or later), then you know that I am a strong follower of Jesus Christ. However, I don’t say that Jesus is first in my life.

The truth is that He is not compartmentalized, but is a part of everything in my life. So people who want to argue could say, that means He is first in my life. But, really, my objection is with the premise. You see, saying He is first sounds like someone does Christian things but Jesus isn’t a part of everything.

I remember someone saying to me once that Jesus does not always come first because sometimes they need to take care of their children or other things in their lives. Well, to me being a follower of Jesus means that He is there when you go about your life. He isn’t just my God on Sunday or my God during my morning devotion. He is my God all through the day no matter what’s going on.

Of course, I am human so there are times that I let my desires come before His and I regret it.

If you look at the I am second Website, they aren’t for a compartmentalized Christianity either btw. But I want to be clear: Jesus isn’t first in my life, He’s in everything about my life.


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