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Is your child’s future secure?

If you had the choice, which would you choose for your child’s future?

  1. Famous football player
  2. Movie star
  3. High-powered business person
  4. President of the United States
  5. Unsuccessful in his/her career but is eternally secure and incredibly happy forever

As parents we often think a lot more about our child’s future here on earth than on his/her eternity. I believe that planning for his/her future here on earth is important but it does not compare to eternity.

If you agree, but your child is not spiritually in a good place, what should you do?

Here are some tips:

  • Partner with your spouse to make changes
  • Let your child know his/her eternity is important to you
  • Conduct family devotions every day
  • Pray aloud in front of, and with, your child daily (not just at meals)
  • Spend time alone with God yourself each day
  • Find a youth group or children’s ministry where the leaders have the goal of helping each child grow closer to Christ
  • Get others to pray for your child
  • Having a faith-filled life is fun so get out there and spend time together as a family!

It is time to get serious about your child’s future which will go on forever. Yes, he or she has free will and can still turn away from the living God, but as parents it is your responsibility to lead them spiritually. Don’t let this time pass you by and don’t let the guilt of not doing enough stop you now. Forgive yourself and get going!


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