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Migraine thankfulness

photo-10Last night I had a migraine and was praying that God would take it away. It wasn’t my worst one but it still hurt and I was miserable. After a minute of praying my dog Bella crawled up in my arms and snuggled with me. Just then it hit me that God provided her. He wasn’t taking away the pain just yet (the meds didn’t work until sometime in the night) but He did provide comfort.

I also realized that it is easy to focus on the bad things when I am in the midst of them. It is difficult to be thankful sometimes.

In fact, yesterday was such as awesome day! How could I so quickly forget? We went to a great church service and one of my daughter’s unsaved friends even came. Then I went to a movie and lunch with two fun people: my sister Marilyn and my sister Kathy. It was Marilyn’s birthday and we laughed so much! Then in the late afternoon three of my best college friends and their families (most of the kids) came over and we had a great time. To top it off the friends from Long Island stayed and hung out with my husband and I all evening (til I went to bed due to my migraine). 

But in the migraine “moment” I didn’t focus on all that. I forgot all that God had blessed me with that day. I was acting like an Israelite! I don’t want to do that again, instead the next time I get a migraine (or something worse), I want to focus on all the blessings I have received and not just the pain, because I have been richly blessed by Jesus Christ!


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