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Don’t miss the sweet chocolate life of your children!

photo-9The next time you have chocolate, pretend to be someone from a chocolate commercial and just stop what you are doing and enjoy every second. That’s what I just did with my Skinny Cow, incredibly delicious three in a pack chocolates. I don’t remember ever doing that and it was so good. Usually, I continue writing or doing whatever when I eat my chocolate. This time I decided to savor it.

That got me to thinking about my daughter and my life with her. I have always heard that a child’s young life flies by for the parents and that before you know it, she is grown. Even though I only have a twelve year-old, I have to disagree.

You see, I decided when my daughter was still an infant that I was going to make this last as long as I could. No, I couldn’t slow down her growth but I could enjoy it. As I look back on the stages she has went through, none of them seem to have gone by quickly. Sure, I miss them, but they did last.

The trick was that I took mental pictures and was very present in the moment. I would think about details and also kept a journal since she was a month old. The journal helped in that I not only thought about the moments, I wrote about them which helped sear them in my mind.

Of course I also took a lot of pictures and video. My sister Kathy said that I must have stock in Kodak because of all the pictures!

Even though I recorded her life a lot, I think the main thing that made her life (so far!) go slowly is just the focus I gave on being her mom.

I try to focus on her when I’m with her and not on my cell phone or the issues that are bothering me but on her. Just like chocolate, I want to savor every moment because it is all too sweet to miss!


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