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Common Grace

Occasionally I go to the park near my house and read my Bible and pray. I like to focus on Jesus Christ in the midst of His creation. Today when I began praying I looked at the water and couldn’t help but begin by praising Him. Water is an amazing creation. You might say it is because it is used for so many things or because it sustains us or perhaps because of the many beings who live in it.

Those are all true (plus more!) but what really hit me today is how it sparkles in the sun. You know God could have made water in a way that it didn’t sparkle but it was still useful.  So, why did God do that? I believe it is a simple answer. He loves us. It is for our pleasure and those of us that take the time to look at it will know it is amazing! It dances and is more beautiful than any light man can create.

This makes me think about how God does things for us just because He loves us. Flowers, sunshine and nice weather are examples of common grace. They are the good things we get simply because we are, not because we are saved by Him but just because He loves all of us.

If people could only open their minds and hearts and let go of pride, they would see that common grace is just the beginning of what God can do for them. I saw a posting the other day on Facebook where a man was making fun of someone who talked to God. He really doesn’t get it.

My choice to follow Jesus Christ has been mocked, sneered at, laughed at, misunderstood and well, just hated. If I wasn’t receiving the daily peace and knowledge of eternal salvation, I am not sure that I would be strong enough. But after having tasted this good life that He has given me (not without trials, but trials are never without Him) the opinion of others is just not that important.

One comment on “Common Grace

  1. Shelly
    November 16, 2013

    All praise be to Father! AMEN

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