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Is Jesus Your Garlic?

My friend can’t eat garlic without smelling like garlic for a few days. It just seems to ooze out of her. Judging from the title, you may even know where I am going now.

I think, as believing Christians (as opposed to people who claim to be Christians but do not follow Jesus Christ), Jesus needs to ooze out of us. Of course garlic is not the kind of thing we want coming from us, but Jesus is!

We want to be so full of Him that we can’t help but walk, talk and act like Him. Granted, we won’t be perfect, because we will slip into our selfish selves, but the joy that comes from following Him can’t be compared to the joy of anything else and when you are joyful, you can’t help but show it.

I want the world to know that I follow Him, but I don’t want to be obnoxious about it. By that I mean that I will not be pushing Him on anyone. Someone once said to me, “God is a gentleman.” That means that He lets you choose Him, but He doesn’t force Himself on you. That said, people need to know about Him in order to choose Him.

I have a lot of unbelieving friends but each and every one of them know that I follow Jesus Christ. Most of them know that I pray for them. I know that shoving it in their face is not going to bring them to a saving faith but I am not giving up. Until then, I am going to keep on making Jesus my garlic.

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