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Migraine thankfulness

Last night I had a migraine and was praying that God would take it away. It wasn’t my worst one but it still hurt and I was miserable. After a … Continue reading

November 25, 2013

Don’t miss the sweet chocolate life of your children!

The next time you have chocolate, pretend to be someone from a chocolate commercial and just stop what you are doing and enjoy every second. That’s what I just did … Continue reading

November 22, 2013

Common Grace

Occasionally I go to the park near my house and read my Bible and pray. I like to focus on Jesus Christ in the midst of His creation. Today when … Continue reading

November 14, 2013 · 1 Comment

Do Your Children Know you Follow Christ?

Do your children know you follow Christ? Sure, they may know you go to church, but do they know you actually follow Jesus? Do your actions show it? If you … Continue reading

November 5, 2013 · 1 Comment

Is Jesus Your Garlic?

My friend can’t eat garlic without smelling like garlic for a few days. It just seems to ooze out of her. Judging from the title, you may even know where … Continue reading

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