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Can you Handle the Truth?

Sometimes the truth is hard to handle. “You have cancer.” “Your house burned down.” “Your dog died.” Although these are not pleasant things to think about, if you hear them you deal with them. You have to make decisions. You have to do certain things. You may even say, “I don’t believe that” at first but eventually you understand that it is the truth.

“You are headed for Hell” is not a fun thing to think about and you may even be saying, “I don’t believe that.” But, if it is the truth, then it really doesn’t matter what you think.

Have you ever done one thing wrong? Have you ever lied (even a “white” one?) Stolen? Gossiped? You see, if you have done one thing wrong in your entire life then you are not eligible for Heaven. That’s right. You can’t get in.

Let’s say you steal a car and get arrested and go before a judge. If you tell the judge that you have done a lot of good things for other people and have only stolen a car once, then he will let you off with a warning. Um….wait! No, that’s not right. He will put you in jail anyway. It doesn’t matter what good things you’ve done. It only matters that you did that one bad thing.

It is the same with God. He doesn’t use a scale to see if you’ve done more good than bad. We all deserve punishment for choosing to sin. But, the good news is that He has provided a way for you to be completely forgiven of all the sins you ever committed or will ever commit. The punishment you deserved was taken by Jesus Christ. He took all the sins and died but then defeated death and rose again. But there is a catch. You must accept His free gift of salvation. You must humbly tell him you know you are a sinner and you need Him.

There is no other way to Heaven besides Jesus. You can’t go to church enough, read your Bible enough, do enough good things for other people, or be the world’s version of a good person and get to Heaven.

You may not believe what I am saying. You may say I’m being judgmental or too narrow. It might even make you mad that I would have the audacity to say other religions have it wrong. But no matter what you think now, you will eventually know the truth.

If I am wrong (I am not) then I have lost nothing and have gained a lot of peace in this life (among things) but if you are wrong, you will pay for it eternally.

Don’t wait until you die and it’s too late to make the decision to follow Jesus. He loves you and is waiting for you right now.

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