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Christian Parenting with a Purpose Part II

How do you raise a Jesus Christ centered child?

One big tip I have is to “try.” Seldom is anything accomplished in life just accidentally. Parenting is the same way. It is much easier to just go about daily life and not think about parenting beyond day-to-day duties; however is that really going to help your child be biblically strong? And, the effort is not as much as it may seem if you live out your faith with your children and let them have a window into your world with Christ. Yes, there is more but that is a huge part of it.

When I speak of effort, I am not talking about the stifling kind where the child has no freedom to discover or make mistakes. There are times when I do want to control every choice my daughter makes because I want to protect her. But I know that this will not make her a strong person or a strong person for Christ. It seems she would be more likely to run from Him if He seems less about grace and more about work.

From my twelve years of experience as a mom I have all the answers. Actually no! But I will tell you that my daughter and I have a relationship built on Christ. He is a topic of conversation each day and my daughter is actually a great Christian example for me too. I am not a perfect parent but I do put in effort for her. She knows that I am real. I do not fake it and I apologize when I mess up (which I do more than I like!)

As far as how she will turn out, only time will tell. As much as I’d like, I cannot make the choice to follow Christ daily for her. But, I can do everything possible to lead her in that direction.

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This entry was posted on September 4, 2013 by in Parenting.
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