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Hannah Montana is Dead

Did you see the VMAs last night? Me neither; however, I have to admit that with all the chatter about Miley Cyrus I did go on YouTube and start to watch her performance. I have to say “start” because I couldn’t get far before I was too grossed out to continue. “Hannah Montana” has become something pretty vulgar.

Thinking about how many teenagers watched her performance made me think about the t.v. shows I let my daughter watch.

I know there are parents who refuse to let their children listen to any music that isn’t Christian and let their almost teenagers only watch G movies. I really do understand their thinking but here is what I do. I let my daughter watch certain shows that I watch with her. For instance, she loves a certain crime show. When I watch it, I almost can’t believe how they slip in certain things and always seem to fall in a different direction than me. What I love about this is that I get to show her where the show is trying to indoctrinate her. We actually do the same thing for commercials and even G rated shows. (Not that I watch every show with her.)

By doing this I am teaching her to discern what she sees. I am careful to lead her to make her own decisions and give her both sides.

You may wonder where my line is. No, I don’t watch horror movies with her and say, “Do you think that when that guy slashed that other guy it was a good thing?” I use the site “” to read about movies and I watch any shows I am not sure about first. And, I let her watch something with sin in it but not shows that make sin look cool.

I want to be protective of my daughter but not overprotective because I want to teach her to navigate in this world so she can do it successfully when she goes out on her own and not become another “Miley.”


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