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Does your Spiritual Life Look Fat?

A woman I go to church with did a really mean thing to me yesterday. It was so rude that I actually sent her back a message telling her so! She took a picture of me praying for her daughter at her baptism and sent it to me. The nerve! I really don’t appreciate her showing me what I really look like. I may not have been perfectly happy with myself before, but I was A LOT happier than I am now!

I was so mad thinking about it that I couldn’t focus at the gym so I got off the treadmill after almost 2 1/2 minutes and went and got a donut. For real. And, sadly, I did feel better. I just wanted to give up.

This incident got me thinking about myself spiritually. Do I see myself as how I am? Am I happy with where I am? I honestly don’t ever want to think that I’ve made it spiritually and can now stop seeking the Lord. Yes, I am saved but I want to strive to be closer to Christ each day. What would God say about my walk?

It would be super easy for someone to think that this is about legalism and that I’m advocating for people to do more. But, I’m actually advocating for people to be closer to Christ and to achieve that in their way. With that said, the Bible and prayer must be included for spiritual growth.

When we don’t see God move or have some type of spiritual down, you may sometimes want to each a spiritual donut and stop taking time to be with God. Push through it! Keep going! Tomorrow I will be back in the gym and will make it past 2 1/2 minutes.

2 comments on “Does your Spiritual Life Look Fat?

  1. Julie Farnow
    September 28, 2013

    How am I not seeing this until now?! I need to follow your site more regularly obviously! I think I saw that picture of you. In the red shirt? Do you know what I thought when I saw it? “Oh boy. Susan is going to HATE this picture of her!” The worst part was that it really didn’t look like you. Somehow the picture managed to be very unflattering and it didn’t reflect what you really look like. Trust me- it didn’t look like you. Stupid camera!

    • drsusanministry
      October 4, 2013

      Look at how behind I am! I am just now seeing this message from you and now I have no idea what picture you are talking about…the red shirt? Is it on the Website? Thanks Julie for always looking out for me!

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