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Christian Parenting with a Purpose Part I

First, I want to make it clear what I mean by “Christian.” Way before I was actually a Christian, I considered myself one. If you think you have “always been a Christian” then I would say that you may not be a real Christian. Not that I believe you have to know the exact day and time but you do need to know that you realized what salvation means and accepted Jesus Christ as your savior. I can share more on that if you’d like but for now, let’s just say “follower” of Christ.

Secondly, if you are a parent waiting until you know more about God or the Bible in order to share Him with your children, there is no need. You will never know everything in order to satisfy your children. Even the most scholarly can’t answer all of those questions! “Does God have knees?” Just take the question and tell him or her that you don’t know but will find out and then find out–if it is possible!

Thirdly, parenting with a purpose works for parents that aren’t even Christian. I have never heard a parent say, “I’m not going to teach her to tie her shoes, she will learn it on her own.” Or “I’m not going to tell her to brush her teeth. I’m going to let her decide if tooth brushing is important for herself when she’s older.” No! Parents are constantly teaching their children; however, sometimes parents need to think of bigger issues. Such as “What kind of a person do I want my child to be?” and then work towards that.

Of course I’m mostly talking about leading your child to live spiritually so I must say…Lastly, parenting with a purpose is not about one devotion each night or praying at dinner. Although those are great, we are talking about a lifestyle. Christ is not to be compartmentalized. However, I do want to say that the Word of God is important in this process. We need to be fully armed!

Let’s parent with a purpose in order for our children to grow in their faith!

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